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The mission of the Wilson County Emergency Management Division is to promote, facilitate and support the County of Wilson to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters.

The Emergency Management Division provides emergency management and preparedness services to the unincorporated areas of Wilson County and to all the cities within its boundaries. There are currently 4 jurisdictions, public and private organizations and the general population within the boundaries of Wilson County.

The Wilson County Board of Commissioners has designated the Wilson County Emergency Management Agency as the lead agency in matters of emergency preparedness and disaster response. The County’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is located in Lebanon and is maintained in a constant state of readiness by the Emergency Management Division.

The County Emergency Manager is directed by the County Mayor to:

Serve as staff to the Board of Commissioners and the Emergency Management Committee;

Direct the daily coordination and cooperation between the emergency management staff and emergency organization of the County;

Ensure that a plan exists to provide information on disaster preparedness to the County;

Ensure that the Wilson County Emergency Operations Plan is developed and maintained;

Ensure that personnel who are part of the emergency organization are trained, and arrange for all necessary exercises to prepare for potential disaster conditions;

Maintain the Emergency Operations Center in a constant state of readiness;

Notify the Emergency Management Committee and Board of Commissioners of Emergency Operations Center activation as soon as practical, and keep the Board of Commissioners informed on all aspects of a current emergency situation as soon as information is available.