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Wilson County Emergency Management Agency provides emergency medical services by staffing eleven (11) full time ambulances and maintain five (5) backup ambulances for additional emergencies, swap out for maintenance of the primary units, and staffing special events. These ambulances are staffed by Advanced EMT’s and Paramedics that are highly trained and dedicated to saving lives.


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In 2012 Wilson County Emergency Management Agency added a host of technology. ESO Solutions Electronic Patient Care Report (EPCR) which allows our personnel to complete electronic reports in the field with more accurate documentation in less time. Reports can be completed quickly and send to billing as soon as the personnel have completed the report. In 2017 Panasonic CF20 tough books replaced the original CF19 tought books. These tough books are designed for the public safety environment.

Every ambulance has an Sierra Wireless Gateways for internet connectivity which includes wireless internet access around the ambulance. This allows EMS reports to be sent to a secure server for storage and billing. This Mobile Gateway has Automatic Vehicle Location embedded which allow our dispatch center to see where any ambulance is located at all times.

The Mobile Gateway also allows us to transmit 12 lead EKG’s to the hospital emergency room fax and email. Paramedic’s in the field can activate the cath team for patients with a ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI). The 12 lead EKG can also be sent to the cardiologist anywhere via email.

In 2009 the Zoll E series cardiac monitor/defibrillator were added for monitoring patients heart rhythms and capture of 12 lead EKG’s. With this technology we are providing high quality care for our patients. Time is muscle and with this technology we are minimizing the time for our patients and saving lives.

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In 2010 the RAD 57 Carbon Monoxide units were added to our primary ambulances. These portable devices are the only non invasive product that can measure Carbon Monoxide (CO). The only other was to determine CO level are to perform a lab test in the hospital from a blood sample. These devices are used on all working structure fires within Wilson County for firefighter rehab for all fire departments. These units can detect elevated levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and minimize exposure. Repeated exposure for firefighters have been proven to be deadly. The devices are also utilized on patients with potential CO exposure. Before these units were available patients with vague symptoms such as weakness, headache, etc. could easily be missed that had CO exposure. Three (3) of these unit were obtained on a grant from Firehouse Subs public safety grant which allowed us to add these valuable units to our reserve ambulances so each ambulance has a RAD57 available.