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Department History
Station History
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Department History
Taken from “This is the place, a history of Lebanon Tennessee”

1950 – Wilson County Chapter of the Civil Defense organized by Ramon T. Davis – chapter ceased to exist after Korean Crisis

July 1961 – Chester S Hatcher appeared before City Council to explain need for Civil Defense

August 1, 1961 – Hatcher appointed Director of project with duties starting September 1, 1961

Jack Bixler – Appointed 2nd Director of Civil Defense – program only functioned on paper during term

Thomas Haley of Donelson appointed 3rd Director with Jerry McFarland appointed as Deputy Director.

After four months Haley resigned, Mayor Charles Loyd appointed Jerry McFarland as Director

The start of the Civil Defense

Under the supervision of McFarland the program really started with a group of volunteers and a training program was set up. An auxiliary force was organized.

1964 – Old county work house was leased for 25 years

February 5, 1964 – First test run in first ambulance for Wilson County – Carried Assistant Chief of Police Laurel Jones from hospital to his home

Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service installed equipment at old county work house after renovations were made. It was such a much used piece of equipment that is was headquarters for a period of time for the mid-state area

Herchel Reed – First Chief of Fire and Rescue. Unit was given by the State and equipped with oxygen, ropes, and other equipment used for fire and rescue

Training Courses were taught by Les Tomlin

McFarland taught Radiology and Rescue. Over 2800 students participated

January 4, 1966 – Mayor Charles Loyd made public tribute to efforts of the dramatic rescue of a boy trapped in cave in Cedar Forest State Park. Act gained national news coverage

1970 – Political change in government. Under Mayor W.H. Maddox – Wendell Organ is named new Director of Civil Defense

February 1, 1979 – Civil Defense takes over all emergency calls (Ligon & Bobo Funeral Home resigns from taking calls)

1991 – Named changed from Civil Defense to Wilson County Emergency Management Agency

Station History
Headquarters – Land donated in 1925

Station 1 (Lebanon – South) – Opened July 31, 2014.

Station 2 (Watertown) – Opened January 21,1982 on the square. Moved to the new Public Safety Complex on August 9, 2009

Station 3 (Mt. Juliet – North) – 1980 ordinance to build the station.

Station 4 (Lakeview) – Opened January 1, 1988

Station 5 (Gladeville) – Opened July 1, 1990

Station 6 (Larguardo) – Opened July 1, 1994

Station 7 (Statesville) – Opened December 1, 2004 (volunteer), full time staff November 7, 2016

Station 8 (Bellwood) – Opened October 30, 2007

Station 9 (Lebanon – North) – Opened January 17, 2014

Station 10 (Mt. Juliet – South) – Opened September 2013

Station 11 (Norene) – Projected Fall 2017

Training Center – Opened May 25, 2007


Pictures coming soon

User Input
If you have any historical information on the Wilson County Civil Defense or the Wilson County Emergency Management Agency please use the form below to submit. Include any events such as employee promotions, equipment purchases, retirements (tell how many years with the department), large events, etc. We may not publish all submissions. If you have any pictures or articles we would love to scan them. Bring any articles to 110 Oak Street and we will scan them and give them back to you. We are working on a historical timeline for the department.