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Wilson County Weather Operations center is located at the Wilson County Emergency Operations Center and is part of the Wilson County Emergency Management Agency (WEMA).  We operate a 24/7 weather monitoring and alerting point for the communities in Wilson County, TN.   Our goal is to protect the lives and property of the citizens and visitors of Wilson County from dangerous weather events by proactive forecasting, monitoring, alerting and responding.  We have many free community education classes throughout the year and provide on-site event weather monitoring for large outside events, as well as direct warning notification for all schools in Wilson county.  Contact us for questions, comments, or suggestions.


Our Weather Operations group will hold several free community classes in the WEMA Training Center throughout the year. Our primary focus will be severe weather, held before severe weather season. Other classes will include storm spotter, storm safety and basic meteorology. All classes will be posted on the community calendar.

Please call or email Daniel Cowan for more information about becoming a weather operations volunteer.

Storm Ready
Address: 115, Oak Street Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615-444-8799 x 201

Email Daniel Cowan, Weather Operations Coordinator